Business Income Tax Services

My goal when preparing income tax returns for any business client is to manage tax risk while balancing income between the business and the owner’ personal returns.

  • Manage tax risk
  • Manage Section 280E exposure
  • Section 471 compliant cost allocation computations and application
  • Preparation of Federal, State, and Local income tax returns for Sole Proprietor, LLC, Partnerships, C Corporation, S Corporation
  • Calculation of quarterly tax estimates
  • Monitoring business income / loss activity and its effect on income taxes
  • Tax planning for entity and owners
  • Tax inquiry support
  • Penalty abatement support

Business Sales Tax Services

My goal when preparing Sales Tax computations is to ensure only those revenue streams deemed taxable by the State of Michigan are included in the Sales Tax calculation.

  • Computation of the correct Sales Tax payable to the State of Michigan
  • Communicate with your payroll service provider the appropriate Sales Tax to include in the Sales, Use and Withholding tax form

Business Property Tax Services

My goal when preparing Personal Property Tax Returns is to ensure the appropriate amount of tax is paid on the appropriate assets.

  • Track asset date in-service, cost, and asset disposal for proper inclusion or exclusion in the property tax calculation
  • Completion of the annual Personal Property Tax form

Business License Services

My Goal is to ensure my client organizes the business under the appropriate entity structure to fit the owner’s needs.

  • Completion of
    • Articles of Incorporation (Corporation)
    • Articles of Organization (LLC)
    • Assumed Name registration
  • Work with your Attorney and other Service Providers to minimize conflict with your accounting and tax strategies
  • CPA attested active Bank / Financial Statements
  • Consultation / Completion of relevant Financial sections of Municipal and State License applications

Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

My goal is to provide the appropriate accounting system to capture the data required for financial statement, income tax and other regulatory compliance.

Unless otherwise noted, we use QuickBooks for Accounting and Bookkeeping services.

  • Assist in selecting the appropriate version of QuickBooks
  • Establish Chart of Accounts
  • Recording of transactions
  • Record and reverse month-end accruals
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Other Account Reconciliations
  • Other reconciliations – any system
  • Generate Financial Statements
  • Generate other Ad Hoc reports
  • Fixed asset tracking and associated depreciation
  • Maintain payables and other liabilities
  • Month-end close
  • Assist with budget setup and maintenance

Other Accounting Services

  • Document workflows (any small business)
  • Process improvement (any small business)
  • User manuals to support workflows and other accounting functions (any small business accounting software)
  • QuickBooks Training
  • Audit Readiness
  • Audit Support
  • Cash flow management

Other Services – Business

  • Contract management
  • Monitor contract revenues and expenses for contract compliance
  • CFO functions
  • Financing support
  • Records management support
  • Business plans
  • Income Tax Services Individuals / Families
  • Preparation of Federal, State, and Local income tax returns
  • Multi-State returns
  • Calculation of quarterly estimated taxes
  • IRS inquiry support
  • Catch up prior years’ tax returns
  • Tax planning

Affiliated Services

I work with a variety of service providers to bring you a solution that seamlessly integrates with your business. Please click here to see our affiliated services.