Etz Chaim Mission Statement

Etz Chaim’s mission is to provide clients with the knowledge required to make informed decisions. Etz Chaim stands with its clients from business startup to closeout. Etz Chaim recognizes that clients work hard to be successful, as such Etz Chaim provides guidance and answers questions throughout the years. Etz Chaim allows clients to focus on what they do best. This saves clients time, money and headache.

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Harley M. Sherman, CPA

Mr. Sherman is a 1192 graduate of Walsh College where he received his in Professional Accountancy. He is licensed to practice accounting in the State of Michigan. After receiving his CPA designation, Harley left public accounting to join a local consulting firm focusing on internal controls and operations. However, Harley has always provided accounting and income tax services. In May 2016, Harley started his own practice, bringing over 23 years of accounting and tax experience to his clients.



  • Business Income Tax Services

    My goal when preparing income tax returns for any business client is to manage tax risk while balancing income between the business and the owner’ personal returns.

  • Business Sales Tax Services

    My goal when preparing Sales Tax computations is to ensure only those revenue streams deemed taxable by the State of Michigan are included in the Sales Tax calculation.

  • Business Property Tax Service

    My goal when preparing Personal Property Tax Returns is to ensure the appropriate amount of tax is paid on the appropriate assets.

  • Business License Services

    My Goal is to ensure my client organizes the business under the appropriate entity structure to fit the owner’s needs.

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

    My goal is to provide the appropriate accounting system to capture the data required for financial statement, income tax and other regulatory compliance.

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